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Our Vision & Mission

We want to open a BBQ restaurant in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach, CA. The purpose of the restaurant is two-fold:

1) "BBQ THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE!" - A fun, family-friendly dining experience that will bring business into the Wrigley neighborhood. First of all, we’ll be serving low & slow BBQ, the best this side of the Rocky Mountains. We’ll have a small menu, which will allow us to keep our cost down and sell our food at relatively low prices. This will allow us to cater to lower-middle class families in our immediate neighborhood, and also attract those from outside the Wrigley. We’ll have a game room for the kids to play in, while the parents and adults relax in our huge dining area. This area will be one room, designed to look like an outdoor picnic area – to give the impression that everyone is at a large family get together. The tables will be in long rows, far enough away from the neighboring table to maintain privacy if desired, but close enough so that you can’t simply ignore the people at the next table, and interact with them normally should they be part of your party. The sides are bottomless, and servers walk around the dinning room with bowls filled with them, asking guests if they’d like more, and serving them at their tables if they do. Other servers walk around with trays of freshly-baked dinner rolls, throwing them to guest who request one. These are our “throwed” rolls! A microphone and PA are located at the front of the dinning area, where guests can make announcements about special occasions, and roast each other. The meats, sides and beverages are served cafeteria style at the side of the dinning room, where the guests line up and get their order before they sit down (no saving seats!). Sauces, chili peppers and pickles are served at a condiment bar, right next to an all you can eat dessert bar (peach cobbler and apple pie). Guests are expected to bus their own dishes, this being a family affair and all. We’ll also have “Sustainable Saturdays”, when we’ll use locally grown wood for our smoker, sustainably raised beef, pork and poultry, organically-grown, local produce and offer vegan, vegetarian and kosher options. These days will serve to cast our vision of serving “BBQ the way it was meant to be.”

2) "FROM AT-RISK TO ON-TRACK!" - A job-training facility for at risk youth and young adults. BBQ is a relatively straight-forward and forgiving method of cooking, and the sides we’ve selected are also meant to be simple to prepare. This fact makes our restaurant a perfect place for low-skilled, at risk youth and young adults to develop job training and life skills. They will be held to the highest professional expectations, and we will partner with each individual employee to set goals and help achieve them. Through an intensive mentoring program, the employees will receive assistance discovering their own unique combination of gifts, talents, skills and interests, and identify a career path which will allow them to flourish in our society. Through our vast network of contacts, we will help our employees meet people working in these careers, who will then partner with them to get them on the path as well. Their tenure at the Wrigley BBQ will serve as a transition point in their lives, as they transform from being “at risk” to getting on track.

Please consider partnering with us to make the Wrigley BBQ a reality.

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